Collage-montage-preparation-productionWe can combine a selection of photographs to make one superb photo.

Let us create for you a “This is Your Life” in pictures to celebrate a special someone or event. A wonderful, unique gift for milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries and holiday trips or anything you wish to share, display and remember.

Prices for the preparation of a Montage is all dependent on the quantity of photos in the compilation, whether they are form original photos or from digital file. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you an estimate or quote to complete the work for you.

Standard prices do not include any editing of photos, or the cost of reproduction.

You can choose to have your montage finished as a normal photo print and framed or have as a mounted Canvas, Wood box or Block mount prints.
A montage is the most unique gift you can give to a loved one or to yourself.

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