FramesA frame is more than just a way to hang your photo or artworks on the wall!

A frame should be a complement to what it is surrounding, not the feature. When we assist you with the selection of framing options we will show you a variety of samples so as to get the right one to complement the work. – A photo or piece of art will choose the frame profile it likes –

Adding a mat, (card surround) between the photo can often enhance the overall finish of the framing job. The mat also has to complement the work being framed as well as the frame profile. You can choose colours out of the photo or print to match the mat, or you can look a contrasting colour for dramatic effect, or choosing a natural colour may work the best.

Most often we will assist you with a variety of mat colours and frame profile combinations to get the right look for your work.

There is never one way to do something as your personal character will come through in the choices you make. This is the exciting part about framing work for our clients.

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