Our professional photo restoration service can repair your treasured photographs.


Photo Restoration is essential
You are preserving an important part of your family history or special event. Your family will have the visual memory and history for Future generations to come.

If left the photograph, negative or slide could deteriorate and end up un-restorable, leaving future generations without the history, memories or information.

Through digital technology we can apply techniques to re create and enhance the quality of your photographs; we can make subtle alterations which improve the appearance of your photo.

Your original photo is scanned & then never touched again so it will come to no harm.

The work is only then carried out on the image scanned into the computer.
The restored photograph can then be printed to your requirements on photographic paper and framed, or as a canvas print. We can also print and produce it on any of our specialty photo print ranges.

All our finished work is digitally archived, so you can have more copies printed in the future!! Your treasured photograph is now safe for many years to come.

Don’t leave it, act now, no matter how tattered or faded they may be photographs continue to stand still in time, helping us to remember and learn about the past and keep our memories alive.

If your photo has been damaged torn or has deteriorated with time – we can repair it.


  • We do not alter or harm your original photos or pictures
  • You can get restorations made from negatives, slides or photos, colour, sepia or black and white
  • When repaired your new photos will be printed on photographic paper for longevity, or onto any photo reproduction services you choose.
  • We always provide you with an informative, professional and¬†friendly photo restoration and alteration service.

The cost to restore your photo restoration will depend on the degree of damage and the general condition of the photograph. With all photo restorations, alterations or manipulation, pricing will depend on the work required to complete.

For all work we offer a free no obligation estimate or quote.

We are proud to say that we were the chosen restorer for one of the earliest known NZ rowing team photos


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