Professional-Photo-EditingOften you have almost got that perfect photograph, where you thought you captured that once in a lifetime moment, only to find something has spoilt the shot, only small but has left you a bit disappointed. Don’t panic, the skill of our photo editors can produce their magic and create the photo you thought you already had.

Some scenes need to be photographed in with multiple shots so you are able to capture the whole scene. Whether it’s a 360 degree or only a 180 degree shoot we can stitch the shots together to create a larger panoramic photo.
Let our skilled staff can work with you to deliver you the perfect final photo by adjusting colours, contrast, saturation to deliver the results you and your clients will be proud of.

Photo manipulation

The family portrait when you finally get the whole family together, but trying to get everyone looking in the same direction, eyes open, and the younger kids not fidgeting and pulling faces.

From the multiple photos you have taken we can manipulate them and by adding images between photos we can create the perfect family portrait for you.

A photo of the bride, perfect apart from the person wandering in the background, very annoying, but we will remove this person and print you the portrait you thought you had.

Photographs are valued and irreplaceable treasures. A window to the past.

Have you ever wished you could be in the pictures taken on a special occasion when you were unable to actually be there physically?

Is that ‘perfect shot’ spoiled by clutter or other people in the picture?
We can change the composition of a photograph through photo alteration and manipulation, by adding people from other photographs and/or remove people or objects. Through digital technology we can apply photo editing and restoration techniques to greatly enhance the quality of your photographs or add subtle alterations which significantly improve the appearance of your photo.

With all Photo Alteration and Manipulation pricing will be depend on the work required to complete and a no obligation quote can be given
Adjusting colours and density and using all the other tools we have at our disposal we can make an average photo look amazing, so never assume your photos are only good for deleting, bring them into our shop or email them to us for an assessment on what can be done.

Have you got a photo you wish to present to a sponsor, let us add the sponsors logo and title to commemorate the partnership. Personalising in this way is perfect way to say thank you.

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