Digital-Cameras-AccessoriesPhotographic & Print Solutions provides a wide range of digital cameras and accessories to support you in taking and process the best pictures possible.
Fujifilm Finepix cameras, are the main camera we sell as they are very user friendly, and the quality of the camera and the photographic results are the best in each model and position in the market.

Stocking only the best quality memory cards fits into our ethos of only selling the best quality product. The cards we have will fit all major camera makes and models. Our staff will support you in how to use and get the most out of them, and which card will be best for your camera. Remember not all memory cards are created equal, as the memory chips inside some cards are suitable for long term use. Our staff will assist you in getting the best card for your camera.

Other accessories we have available are:

  • Camera Cases, varying sizes to suit your needs
  • Batteries, a range of AA sized both lithium and re-chargeable, varying sized batteries to fit older analogue cameras. We can also source batteries to suit most makes and model of caneras.
  • Battery Chargers
  • Single and multi card readers,
  • Tri pods both large and small,
  • Mono pods.

Along with the great range of digital equipment, we also sell film for older analogue cameras. Yes, film is still available and still used by a number of people, 35mm at 200 & 400 speeds are easily on hand and if your request is a little more difficult, we will try our best through one of our many providers to source it for you.

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