john-cottonWe will work with you to understand how you, so we understand your preferred style so the outcome will always be what you want. We understand the results your clients see will be how they perceive your skills as a photographer and the quality of your work.

Our state of the art photo printing systems are set up to produce the highest quality results from your digital photo file. We at Photographic & Print Solutions are proud to be running systems which have been developed to be environmentally friendly with high UV resistance.

At Photographic and Print Solutions we are to have over 35 years of experience in graphics and printing reproduction. We will only use the best quality photo paper through our machines, giving you the finest and most detailed print every time.

Our 2 key staff responsible for producing and quality control of all our professional clients work, have spent many years skills and eye for quality.
John Cotton had over 28 years in the printing and graphic arts industry, having gained his Advanced Trade Certificate in Printing.  His career advanced and developed along with the changes in technology, allowing him to gain a wealth of experience, graphics and photo reproduction.

Rachel O’Connor has had more than 8 years in the graphic arts industry, and has a passion to see the end results look the best they can.

Both have a passion for and a keen interest in Photography, with an eye for detail they understands that the finished results your clients see are going to reflect on you the professional photographer, which is why we are committed to give you the finished results that reflect your skills and ability.

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